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I'm just a random 20 y/o person. Nothing really interesting about me at all. You can call me Yun/Yuni.

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「If, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a tragedy

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aldnoah <333

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Virtue’s Last Reward + characters

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Luna’s ending always makes me want to cry.

Morning break doodle. Messed up on her outfit a bit.

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once in a bajillion lifetimes

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SCREAMS i found this on my folder

this is from like ?????? three months ago

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found these pictures of the sky on my phone from the summer & i can’t even believe that they’re real

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"Isn’t ‘defeat’ more like a trial you need to overcome? Of whether or not you can stand up and walk again, after falling to your knees?"

I needed an outlet after that last episode ;; Full size is best!

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Hades and Persephone!

Love this subject because I always felt Persephone wasn’t as weak or powerless as she seemed. 

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